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Members have access to Paul's instruction and favorite drills. You'll learn how he strings his sticks, shoots on the run, dodges past defenders, picks up ground balls, and defends. Take a Rabil Challenge and go head-to-head with Paul!


Lacrosse is a sport that combines technical skill with physical fitness. Paul's sport-specific training is a big part of what has made him the player he is today. Members will learn how he stretches, runs and lifts!



A great lacrosse player plays where the ball is going to be. The best way to work on ball anticipation is by developing your lacrosse IQ. Members get exclusive access to Paul's offensive sets, power play schemes, defensive slide packages, and riding clearing secrets.


If you're a performance athlete, you should fuel yourself with performance food. Paul's favorite liquids, proteins, carbs, and sugars are highlighted and prescribed by his nutritionist, Kinetic Fuel. Members get exclusive access.


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What People Are Saying

"I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for being such a positive roll model for the game of lacrosse. My 9 year old son Jacob picked up his first stick at 4 years old and hasn't put it down since. We recently surprised him by signing him up to your Rabil Experience website and he has already started memorizing all your drills. I am sure you get emails like this all the time, but, I wanted to personally thank you for helping not only my son, but kids all over this country learn this amazing game."
Scott Redmond - Parent
"I have used the PRE before and just got back on. Recently tore my acl having surgery in January but what to make the best comeback I can. Just recently became a member of the new FIL team Puerto Rico and wouldn't be a part of it if it wasn't for the PRE."
Joseph Nocella - Player
"The Paul Rabil Experience has helped me so much this year with my feild and box seasons this year. I've followed your drills, moves and workouts to get fully into shape this lax season. Thinks to you I got to have a great experience in the world championships and the Canadian national championships. Buying a subscription was totally worth it"
Jackson Klewchuk - Player
"It's Joe again, wanted to give you a small update. I'm sure you're pretty busy, so I don't know if you would remember but a couple weeks ago I told you I was walking on to the Hofstra Men's Lacrosse team. You gave me good advice and I stuck to it and literally just had to grind it out for the next couple weeks and guess what, I MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!! SO, I wanted to say thank you."
Joe Cuccias - Player
"My friends are already thinking I am crazy for doing this. They don't think that someone in college whose had no past experience in lacrosse can be good enough to make a team. I don't listen them. They don't know me. They don't see the heart and passion that I have for lacrosse. I'll do whatever it takes to become great. With the Paul Rabil Experience this is an awesome resource for me."
Jose Crosby - Player

About Paul Rabil

  • 2x NCAA Champion
  • 3x Pro Lacrosse Champion
  • Team USA World Champion
  • 4x Most Valuable Player
  • 10 Years of Lacrosse Instruction
  • 2008 Johns Hopkins University Graduate

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